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TFHPUB-03 - The Click That Does the Trick by Robin Deutsch

If you think your parrot can't shoot a basket or bowl a stike, think again. Using the information in The Click That Does the Trick, you'll be able to train your bird to perform over 30 entertaining tricks, including shooting a basket, bowling, roller-skating, waving, and more. Training your bird is not only entertaining, but it actually helps build a better relationship between the two of you. You'll spend more time together and come to know and trust each other. And, both you and your bird will have fun. Training your bird reduces his level of boredom and gets him mentally and physically active. 112 PAGES

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Robin Deutsch has over 20 years of professional bird and training experience; she is also an authority on bird nutrition. Deutsch is the author of The Healthy Bird Cookbook: A Lifesaving Nutritional Guide and Recipe Collection, and her articles on bird training have appeared in Bird Talk Magazine and the Pet Bird Report. She lives in Yelm, Washington, with her husband, Stephen; two children; and an assortment of parrots.

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