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Quality scales with perches.---   Scales are invaluable to bird breeders. However, they are also very important in the home. They allow for keeping accurate records of a bird's weight on a regular basis. Knowing the "regular" weight is a key to keeping birds healthy. The early signs of illness in birds is weight loss in small and ongoing amounts. This kind of weight loss cannot be detected by just looking at a bird. Birds also hide illnesses until they become too weak to be able to continue to do so. In nature, the weak and/or sick birds are kicked out of the flock to keep predators away.  ---- With a scale, weight loss does not go unnoticed and illness can be spotted much sooner. Adult birds should be weighed at least twice a month and of course, young birds once or twice a week. Therefore, owning an avian scale is a great advantage to every bird owner. 

Avian Scale
AvianScale6924 - Avian Scale

"So how can you prevent energy deficiency in your pet birds?  The best way is to purchase your own scale, a scale that weighs in grams not ounces.  Not only is the scale the best way to monitor diet intake, it is also the most important tool to determine your birds health at home.

Price: $49.99

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Avian Scale
"So how can you prevent energy deficiency in your pet ...

Price: $49.99 / Each
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