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The largest selection of Super Bird Toy Creations online

Super Bird Creations toys are recognized by bird enthusiasts and avian experts as some of the safest available on the market. Super Bird toys take birds' safety and enjoyment into full consideration. They use only bird-safe components such as vegetable tanned leather, welded chain, 100% natural cotton rope, certified food coloring and quick link type connectors. A variety of colors, textures, shapes and moveable parts are incorporated into all designs to make them of maximum interest to birds. This product line consists of over 200 innovative products including toys, swings, bungees, shower perches and "Make Your Own Toy" components and displays. Whether you are looking for a toy for a parrotlet or a macaw Super Bird Toy Creations have you covered.

Super Bird Toy Creations Parrot Paradise
SB722 - Super Bird Toy Creations Parrot Paradise

Take your bird to Paradise with this adorable toy; lots of spiral straws hang down from strung plastic toy parts. The finishing touch is a clear plastic parrot dangling from the end. 

7" long




Price: $5.96

Super Bird Toy Creations Beaker Sneaker
SB719 - Super Bird Toy Creations Beaker Sneaker

The best-selling sneaker is now ready for hanging in your bird's cage (or remove the pear link and use as a foot toy). Each end of the shoe lace is strung with wavy plastic beads, perfect for your bird to move around and beak.

Approx. 5" long (including peak link) x 1.25" wide



Price: $3.99

Super Bird What a Croc!
SB739 - Super Bird What a Croc!

This can be a toy for hanging in your bird's cage or simply remove the pear link and it becomes a foot toy. Our best selling "crocs" are filled with crinkle paper and embellished with plastic toy parts.

Approx. 5" long (including the pear link) x 1.5" wide


Price: $3.99

Super Bird Sock-It-To-Me
SB727 - Super Bird Sock-It-To-Me

A triple soccer ball rattle hangs from the cage with plastic chain attached and little kush balls. Your birds will love making lots of jingly noises. Suitable for conures on up.

Approx. 7" long (not including the pieces of chain that hang below) x 5" wide

Price: $7.65

Super Bird Dainty Doily
SB721 - Super Bird Dainty Doily

An adorable toy for the little feathers; a wicker "doily" in the center is surrouned by plastic parts to beak.

Approx. 6.5" long x 3" wide

Price: $4.95

Super Bird Bitty Bagel Cluster
SB725 - Super Bird Bitty Bagel Cluster

This toy will delight your smaller guys and gals that love peeling and chewing the smaller birdie bagels. There are also smaller plastic toy parts and a liberty bell at the bottom.

7" long x approx. 2" wide

Price: $7.55

Super Bird Oddball Odyssey
SB730 - Super Bird Oddball Odyssey

There is a lot going on in this toy of vertical fun! Small plastic balls can be beaked and spun around. There are also birdie bagel slices, kush balls, pacifiers, and a large liberty bell at the bottom. Suitable for caiques on up.

Approx. 14" long x 4" wide

Price: $14.75

Super Bird Spinning Rattle
SB728 - Super Bird Spinning Rattle

Does your bird love kush balls and also like to make a little noise? This is the perfect toy; a plastic rattle also has lots of squishy kush balls at the handle along with little pacifiers.  This hanging toy can also be used as a foot toy.

Suitable for small cockatoos sized birds on up.

Approx. 6" long x 3" wide

Price: $7.55

Super Bird Maraca Rattle
SB1054 - Super Bird Maraca Rattle

Your bird is going to love shaking this maraca! Suitable for small cockatoos and up, a slotted plastic ball with another smaller ball inside is attached with a handle; will surely keep your bird occupied as they make their own music.

Approx. 5.5 " long x 2.5 " wide (width of ball)

Price: $3.15

Super Bird Wiggles and Wafers
SB736 - Super Bird Wiggles and Wafers

This toy is chock full of wood and plastic parts for birds to beak. Little wavy plastic parts easily move around and up and down. Baby pacifiers finish off the bottom of each strand. There is even wood slices for chewing.

Approx. 7.5" long x 4" wide

Price: $10.49

Super Bird Double Doily
SB733 - Super Bird Double Doily

This adorable toy has two wicker "doilies" with a loofah sandwiched between. Hanging from the "doilies" are plastic stars, mini pacifiers, and mini kush balls.  Strung through the top are wooden beads and a wicker star. A liberty bell finishes off the bottom.

Approx. 6" long x 4" wide

Price: $6.75

Super Bird Paddie Play
SB732 - Super Bird Paddie Play

A large wooden spoon is threaded at the top with lots of chunky birdie bagels.  Strung through the center of the spoon is a long piece of leather with lots and lots of wood slices and plastic beads.  This toy has lots of different textures for birds to beak and chew.

19" x 5" wide

Price: $16.99

Super Bird Funfetti
SB735 - Super Bird Funfetti

Two natural wicker baskets are stuffed full of crinkle paper and hung on leather. So many other things adorn this toy  - wicker rings, wood slices, wooden balls, and vine twists. Great toy for birds that like to chew and shred.

12" long x approx. 5" wide

Price: $14.99

Super Bird Spring Basket
SB723 - Super Bird Spring Basket

Adorable miniature basket bursting with stringy plastic to nibble and preen, embellished with spring like flowers and even a ducky! Hangs from a quicklink. Sized for smaller birds such as  Cockatiels, Keets, Parrotlets, Conures, and similar sized birds.

Approx. 6.7" long x 3" side

Price: $7.99

Super Bird Flower Hoopla
SB731 - Super Bird Flower Hoopla

New from Super Bird, the perfect toy for birds that love birdie bagels, and plastic to rattle. The bottom has a large liberty bell.  An added feature of this toy - when the birdie bagels are chewed, you can add more!

12" long x 3.5" wide


Price: $12.60

Super Bird Circus Act
SB734 - Super Bird Circus Act

A great new toy from Super Bird; a circus of fun for medium to large birds, this toy features multiple toy parts (plastic chain, wooden blocks, birdie bagels, plastic horseshoes, and hard plastic slotted balls that jingle, jingle) all on a heavy duty wire that unfastens so the toy can be refilled.

Approx. 9.5" diameter


Price: $19.35

Super Bird Toe Rings
SB678 - Super Bird Toe Rings

These toe rings are a bit big for any parrot but certainly the perfect size for chewing and beaking.  Multiple plastic links with colorful little woven rings are attached all around a plastic "top".

5" x 2"

Price: $2.51

Super Bird Stoplight
SB688 - Super Bird Stoplight

All birds will have a green stoplight for this toy; three birdie bagels are strung vertically on wire with plastic stars and beads in the center of each; a large liberty bell will dleight the noise makers!

14" long x 3" wide

Price: $8.48

Super Bird Thing-A-Ma-Bob
SB691 - Super Bird Thing-A-Ma-Bob

A cute name for a really cute toy!  Two half moon birdie bagels at the top spin around so birds can get all the angles of chewing fun with loads of colored balsa wood and little birdie bagels. There are even plastic hearts and binkies to to beak. The parts are hung on cotton knotted rope.

9" long x 4" wide

Price: $11.73

Super Bird Over The Rainbow
SB689 - Super Bird Over The Rainbow

The smaller version of  the Over The Rainbow Sr.   From a half moon birdie bagel at the top are multiple hanging strands of plastic beads and colored balsa slices, with a bell to jingle at the bottom.

7" wide x 6 " long

Price: $7.55

Super Bird Balsa Stack
SB680 - Super Bird Balsa Stack

Four slices of balsa stack on top of each other with adorable colored hearts in between and at liberty bell at the bottom.

6.5 " long x 2 " wide

Price: $5.48

Super Bird Space Station
SB693 - Super Bird Space Station

Your bird will enjoy the many different textures on this toy - a paper stuffed woven wicker ball in the center is surrounded by a large birdie bagel; on all four sides are half moon birdie bagels, plastic parts, cotton rope, volorful wooden beads, and woven vine pieces.

12" long x 10" wide

Price: $11.73

Super Bird Activity Wall
SB699 - Super Bird Activity Wall

Hang this toy in the cage or on a java stand. A large woven mat is covered with wooden pieces, birdie bagels, woven rings, and plastic parts. Hang more toy all over this to create endless fun!

12" wide x 14 " high

Price: $14.68

Super Bird Foraging Pouch
SB707 - Super Bird Foraging Pouch

FANTASTIC!  That's the best word to describe this toy - a huge woven mat is folded in half, stuffed full of colored crinkle paper and then laced on the sides with paulie rope. This toy has a large plastic hook at the top for hanging anywhere on the cage. Also hanging from the top are two strands of plastic beads,  small alphabet blocks, birdie bagels, a woven star, and colorful slices of wood. At the four corners are the more of the slices of wood with plastic beads and secured with knotted paulie rope.  You can multiply the foraging fun of this toy by stuffing the mat with anything your bird likes and watch them go to town!

14" wide x 16 " high

Price: $21.88

Super Bird Firecracker Jr.
SB687 - Super Bird Firecracker Jr.

OMG!!!  What a great toy! This is the smaller version of the Firecracker Sr. toy.  This is a more petite mat woven mat rolled up and secured with two birdie bagels. The inside is stuffed with lots of colorful shreddable papeer and on either end natural vines flow out the sides. this toy is strung on a leather strip with plastic pieces and colored wood slices. 

8" long x 18" wide

Price: $13.89

Super Bird Firecracker Sr.
SB700 - Super Bird Firecracker Sr.

OMG!!!  What a great toy!  A super sized woven mat rolled up and secured with three birdie bagels. The inside is stuffed with lots of colorful shreddable paper and on either end natural vines flow out the sides. this toy is strung on a leather strip with plastic pieces and colored wood slices.  Our owner said her birds can't get enough of this toy!!

13" long x 30" long

Price: $21.59

Super Bird In the Bag
SB679 - Super Bird In the Bag

Your bird will love chewing and tearing at this natural woven "shopping bag" suffed with crinkle shreddables and brimming at the top with finger traps. The bottom has a natural wicker star aidh lots of plastic pieces to beak and a bell at the bottom to ring.

7" long x 5" across

Price: $6.70

Super Bird Curly Gurly
SB685 - Super Bird Curly Gurly

A fun toy for the smaller birds, this has an acrylic "megaphone" at the top with other plastic adornments; hanging from inside and flowing down are natural vines and shredded straws.

8" long x 4" across

Price: $6.70

Super Bird Over The Rainbow Sr.
SB701 - Super Bird Over The Rainbow Sr.

A chunky half moon birdie bagel toy with four strands of leather filled with large wooden alphabet blocks and colorful chunky slices of wood; accents of plastic parts round out this toy.

14" long x 8" wide

Price: $17.88

Super Bird Blast Off
SB706 - Super Bird Blast Off

Birds will be "over the moon" for this huge toy.  All hung on chain, there are lots of chunky and varied plastic shapes, large wooden blocks, binkies, bird bagels and even knotted leather strips.

20" long x 8" wide

Price: $20.98

Super Bird Lost in Space
SB705 - Super Bird Lost in Space

Your bird will be lost in excitement when it comes to this terrific toy! Two large half moon birdie bagels hang from the top; a large wiffle ball in the center has knotted sisal rope . Lots of large slices of wood, plastic beads, knotted leather, and shredding corrugated shredding rolls complete this toy.

15" across x 12" long

Price: $20.98

Super Bird Binky Mobile
SB690 - Super Bird Binky Mobile

Birds will love all the different textures of this toy - half rounds of birdie bagels are adorned with slices of balsa wood, plastic discs, acrylic beads and lots of hanging birdie binkies.  A jingly bell hangs from the middle for a little "music" while your bird plays away.

9" across x 7" long

Price: $8.48

Price: Call for Price

Super Bird Tutti Frutti
SB607 - Super Bird Tutti Frutti

For the little guys that like plastic, this toy has lots of platic parts of different sizes to beak, including baby pacifiers, a favorite!

9" long x 2" wide

Price: $6.17

Super Bird Star Gazer
SB551 - Super Bird Star Gazer

Six brightly colored vine stars are strung in a row with wooden beads in between and a liberty bell at the bottom.

6.5" long x 2" wide

Price: $4.05

Super Bird Balsa Munch
SB156 - Super Bird Balsa Munch

Slices of balsa wood with plastic beads in between. The center of this toy features a small vine ball and some dangling plastic chain. A liberty bell finishes the bottom.

6" long x 2 " wide

Price: $5.27

Super Bird Mini Rainbow Bridge
SB516 - Super Bird Mini Rainbow Bridge

This toy can be hung horizontally or vertically; just take out the bottom pear link to hang vertically. On either end of this toy are two vine hearts and strung from end to end are lots of colored wooden beads and slices of balsa wood.  In the middle are two sections of plastic chain with beakable plastic parts and little liberty bells. This toy has so much to keep the smaller birds busy for hours.

9 " long x 2 " wide

Price: $7.92

Super Bird Treat Cup Necklace
SB619 - Super Bird Treat Cup Necklace

Does your cockatiel or parrotlet like to hang out on your shoulder? Give them something to do by wearing this necklace around YOUR neck and at the same time provide fun things for your bird to chew and beak. You can even put some little treat in the cup and hoist it on up for your little guy to be rewarded for good behavior!

Approx. 36" long

Price: $9.88

Super Bird Vine Twist T-Bar Swing
SB549 - Super Bird Vine Twist T-Bar Swing

Three colored vine balls are sandwiched between slices of balsa wood and sit atop a vine ring "perch".  Two strands of plastic chain with plastic beads and tiny bells finish off this very cute toy.

7" long x 5" wide

Price: $4.66

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