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SPSC01 - The Original Sandy Perch

Available in 6 sizes

Sandy Perch Original Bird Perch mounts to almost any cage, inside or out, with simple washers and a wing-nut. No tools needed! 

Each one is unique and fashioned from an all real wood manzanita branch then coated with the perfected Sandy Perch coating! 

Comfortable because it's not concrete. Concrete tends to leach moisture from the bird's feet.          

Sizing: with Sandy Perches, the bird's nails should be digging into the top part of the perch. With normal perches, the bird's feet should go 3/4 around. A Sandy Perch needs to be larger to be effective.

Price: $9.29 / each

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  Options - Customize it
  Original Sandy Perch - Sandy Perch is a manzanita core with brightly colored sand permanently bonded to it.
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  • Sizes:
  • Small - suitable for Parrotlets/Lovebirds
  • Medium - suitable for Cockatiels/Small Conures
  • Large - suitable for Greys/Eclectus/Small Cockatoos/Medium Parrots
  • Jumbo - Macaws/Lg. Cockatoos Cockatoos

  • Blues - Turquise, Sky, and Mulit-Blue
  • Greens - Glitter Green and Multi-Green
  • Purples - Multi-Purple and Light Glitter Lavender
  • Reds - Multi-Glitter Red and Glitter Hot Pink
  • Earth - Multi-Mocha

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