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3lb Happy Beaks Corn & Bean - Crazy For Corn

SKU: C-WBC4C01601

This Crazy For Corn Happy Beaks Corn & Bean has whole corn, barley, rolled corn, green split peas, pinto beans, soy beans, kidney beans, pink beans, peas, black beans, and chili peppers.

Cooking Directions: Must soak in water for 5 hours prior to cooking. Boil until beans are tender approximately 1 hour, adding more water as needed when boiling. Drain and let cool prior to serving bird. After 2-3 hours discard any uneaten portion. 
Storage: Store unused cooked food in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Can be frozen after cooked and stored for months.
Suggestion: freeze in ice cube trays and when frozen, pop out the individual servings and store in freezer bags until ready to use.
Reheat easily in microwave or defrost in fridge.

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