Treats & Other

  • A-SS59305
    Fantasy Fruit Mix 11oz - Sun Seed

    Sun Seed Fantasy Fruit is a delicious treat mix designed for Cockatiels and Lovebirds and contains fruits, vegetables and nuts such as banana, raisin, garden peas, cranberry, peanut, apple, date and almond. We've also added probiotics to support digestive health and DHA to help maintian heart, brain and repiratory functions as well as support your bird's natural immune system.

  • A-SS59431
    Grass & Spinach Swing Ring-Sun Seed Vita Prima

    Sun Seed Vita Prima Grass & Spinach Swing Ring is a ring shaped swing treat made of softwood center covered in crunchy baked biscuits, grass seed and spinach. It is an exciting toy and yummy treat in one! Attached clip for hanging.

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