Sprouted seeds are more nutrient-dense as they are high in vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll.

    Easy Sprout by Sproutamo

    Grow fresh sprouts conveniently with Easy Sprout. Sprouting is one of the best ways to ensure your bird gets some of the best nutrition available, made fresh by Mother Nature. Fresh food lovers everywhere (& their hungry Parrots!) are sure to welcome the "plant today, harvest tomorrow" speed and convenience of these unique sprouters. Ez Sprout is such a fast, easy way to add vitality to our daily food supply, we should all be Easy-Sprouting!

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    Organic Wheat Grass-Pet Greens Certified

    Pet Greens Certified Organic Wheat Grass is an easy to grow nibbling and preening treat they will love! Just add water and wheat grass grows in 5-7 days! Provide green nutrition for your pet that is full of vitamins, safe and convenient.
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