A fantastic line of foraging toys for beginner to advanced

Integrating foraging behavior into your daily feeding protocol will create a stimulating environment, which encourages the natural behaviors universally recommended by avian veterinarians.



    Lg Tilt-a-Wheel - Creative Foraging Systems

    This interactive toy has four marbles inside that, when tilted and played with move around creating sights and sounds that will excite your bird. Made from super tough polymer to withstand tough chewers and cleans easily with soap and water. Dishwasher safe!

    Lg Tilt-a-Wheel dimensions
    : 8.25" length x 8.25" width x 10" height (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)

    Foraging Capsule-Caitec/Paradise

    This Caitec/Paradise experienced forager bird toy is made with heavy duty poly carbonate and will test the skills of even the most athletic parrots. Birds will learn to pull down the leather strapping to release the food into the lower chamber where it can be retrieved. The bird must stand on one leg, hold the device steady with its other foot and nibble at the exposed food.

    Foraging Capsule-Caitec/Paradise dimensions: 20" length x 4-1/2" width including chain and leather (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)


    Hide & Seek-Caitec/Paradise

    This fun and challenging Hide & Seek-Caitec/Paradise foraging bird toy has multiple slots for your bird to retrieve treats that are hidden in the shredded paper. It comes filled with a variety of chew toys, refills are available, or just use your bird's favorite toys and treats. Easily mounts to almost any cage.

    Hide & Seek-Caitec/Paradise dimensions: 7" length x 4" width (Recommended for medium sized birds)

  • G-PT-736
    Buffet Box Cagemount - Caitec/Paradise

     This Buffet Box Cagemount-Caitec/Paradise mounted foraging device for birds will introduce your bird to the concept of beginner foraging. Your bird will work to pull the food out of the slots. The tray at the bottom collects fallen food and your bird can turn the box to access all sides of it. Tray and kabob are dishwasher safe.

    Buffet Box Cagemount- Caitec/Paradise dimensions: 5.5” X 6” X 6” (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)


    Foraging Box Feeder-Caitec/Paradise

    Foraging Box Feeder-Caitec/Paradise is a fun foraging toy for your bird. Simply slide the chipboard sleeve over the device and use the perforated holes to expose the treat or food hidden inside. Your bird will chew through the sleeve to retrieve the treat.

    Foraging Box Feeder-Caitec/Paradise dimensions: 10" length x 2-1/2" width x 2-1/2" height (Recommended for small sized birds)

    Paddle Wheel Foraging Toy - Caitec/Paradise

    Paddle Wheel- Caitec/Paradise is a fun toy for your bird. Simply unscrew the top chamber to fill with food or treats and tighten. Your bird must continue to turn the top wheel in order to lower and release food or treat into the recovery tray at the bottom.

    Paddle Wheel -Caitec/Paradise dimensions: 9" length x 4.5" width x 5" height (Recommended for medium sized birds)


    Lg Foraging Wheel-Generation II-Caitec/Paradise

    This Large Foraging Wheel-Generation II-Caitec/Paradise bird toy is a challenging foraging toy that mounts vertically onto your bird's cage and can easily be filled with treats or food. Your bird simply has to spin the wheel to release the rewards. 

    Lg Foraging Wheel-Generation II-Caitec/Paradise dimensions: 6" diameter (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)

    House of Treats-Caitec/Paradise

    This House of Treats-Caitec/Paradise acrylic foraging toy is made to challenge even the most determined bird!  Wood dowels cover one side, the toy is filled with assorted brightly colored wooden shapes, you can insert additional treats and other materials for more enrichment and fun. Large and Small replacement wood dowels available.

    House of Treats-Caitec/Paradise dimensions: 4" length x 3.5" width (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)


    Master Mind Circle-Caitec/Paradise

    This Master Mind Circle-Caitec/Paradise is a challenging foraging toy is for the birds that enjoy a good foraging workout!  Food/treats go into the cones and your bird must maneuver the cones to the top of the "track" until treats/food drop through the hole, dispensing in the center chamber.  Multiple feeding stations give birds choices!  Made of polycarbonate. 

    Master Mind Circle dimensions: 9.75" length x 8" diameter (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)


    Party Ball-Creative Foraging System

    This Party Ball-Creative Foraging System is a great foraging toy for your bird. Simply unscrew this durable polycarbonate ball and put your bird's favorite food, treat, or small toys inside and twist shut. Your bird can push this ball around while they try to work the treats out of the slots.

    Party Ball-Creative Foraging System dimensions
    : 5" diameter (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)

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