• D-KT43500
    Timothy Complete Chinchilla Food 3lb - Kaytee

    Kaytee Timothy Complete Chinchilla food was developed by an animal nutrition expert to ensure your small pet gets the proper nutrition for a long, healthy life. Timothy Complete is a pelleted food made with nutritious hand-selected Timothy Hay and essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for your Guinea Pig. Timothy Complete is high in fiber to support digestive health and contains long-lasting vitamin C
  • D-HA61212
    20oz Timothy Hay - Living World

    Living World Timothy Hay is specially grown to complement the nutritional needs of small pets. Its fresh fragrance and crunchy texture entices small pets and encourages consumption. Its high-fibre content is vital for your small pet's digestion and will help lower intestinal gas and bloating.
  • D-HA61770
    Hay Wheel - Living World

    Living World Hay Wheel provides an easy and convenient way to feed hay to small pet mammals. Simply fill it with hay and watch as your pet has fun spinning or rolling it around. You can even add treats for extra appeal. The Hay Wheel encourages natural foraging behaviour and is an enticing way to provide essential nutrients. Pets can access hay on the front, as well as on the sides through carrot-shaped openings. The Hay Wheel can be used 3 ways: installed on the cage, placed on a stand, or free-standing, enabling your furry friend to roll it around. In all cases, the hay remains fresh and clean. It is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

    Dimensions: 5" lenght  x 5" width x 7" height
  • D-AEHPVP-1176
    Smakers Premium Bark Sm Animal 2pk - A&E

    Smakers Premium bark treat sticks for hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, and rabbit are created with high quality, natural ingredients that supplement and compliment your companion pet's daily diet.
  • D-AEVP-1605
    Smakers Coconut Chinchilla 2pk - A&E

    Smakers coconut chinchilla treat sticks are created with high quality, natural ingredients that supplement and compliment your companion pet's daily diet.
  • D-KT22413
    Chinchilla Dust Bath 2.5lb - Kaytee

    Kaytee Chinchilla Dust Bath is a high quality, all natural dusting powder. It protects the chinchilla's coat by eliminating extra oils and moisture, leaving it healthy and clean. 
  • D-KT60411
    Chinchilla Bath House - Kaytee

    Kaytee Chinchilla Bath House was designed for the sand or dust bathing behaviors of pet chinchillas. The Chinchilla Bath House is constructed of a durable translucent plastic so you can watch your favorite Chinchilla flip and spin as it is takes its bath. Each Chinchilla Bath House comes with a free sample of Super Pet's Chinchilla Bath Sand. The enclosed house design prevents messes and the concave bottom ensures complete contact between the chinchilla and the Chinchilla Bath Sand at all times.  Colors will vary. Actual size 9" long x 9-1/4" wide  x 8-1/2" high.
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