In September of 2006, Natureís Instinct proudly introduced their new line of foraging interactive toys. The line is appropriately named ForageWiseTM - build your birds brilliance! Each toy offers a unique and complex design, which encourages a birdís natural instinct to forage for their food

Rather than hand your bird food in a bowl, load one of these unique toys with Pollyís favorite edible and watch instinct take over! Birds will spend hours occupying their natural need to forage while manipulating these colorful, resilient toys. Most of the toys offer adjustable levels of difficulty for long lasting entertainment.

    Parrots Treasure-Nature's Instinct

    Simply hide treats inside of the Parrots Treasure-Nature's Instinct acrylic toy for birds and twist the keys. Your bird will have to twist and turn the keys correctly to reveal the hidden treasure. This exciting and challenging toy will strengthen your bird's mind and coordination.

    Parrots Treasure-Nature's Instinct dimensions: 4" length x 3" width x 3.5" height (Recommended for medium sized birds)

  • G-PT-NI24304
    Birdie Basketball Gym-Nature's Instinct

    Finally a REAL bird gym, complete with a basketball and hoop. Spend quality time with your little athlete teaching him the art of shooting hoops. When a basket is made, a treat reward dispenses. Your reward is priceless interaction with your pet. After shooting a round of hoops he can manipulate the agility rings an then pump a little iron for a full birdie workout. No tools required for assembly. 

    Birdie Basketball Gym-Nature's Instinct  dimensions: 14.5" deep x 10" wide x 10" tall (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)
  • G-PT-NI12005
    4pk Party Bags-Nature's Instinct

    4pk Party Bags-Nature's Instinct is a great for beginner foragers. Simply stuff bags with treats and watch the foraging fun begin. Make it more challenging by hiding the treats inside of crinkled paper.

    4pk Party Bags-Nature's Instinct- pack of four bags (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)
  • G-PT-NI24264
    Barrel Of Fun-Nature's Instinct

    Add foraging fun to your bird's environment with this Barrel Of Fun-Nature's Instinct puzzle toy and treat holder in one. Teach your bird to unlock the chamber and reveal hidden delights. Simply hide treats inside the chamber, close, turn to lock, then hang and watch your bird's instinct take over. Fill with fruits, veggies, or your bird's favorite treats. Made from shatter-resistant, durable polymer to withstand tough chewers. Chain and quick link included. Zinc-free.

    Barrel Of Fun-Nature's Instinct dimensions: 3-3/4" length x 1-1/2" width x 2-3/4" height (Recommended for medium sized birds)


  • G-PT-NI24284
    Rings Of Fortune-Nature's Instinct Birdy Einstein

    Your bird will be spinning this Rings Of Fortune-Nature's Instinct Birdy Einstein toy for hours trying to align the rings and release the treat. It is a great foraging toy that will test and strengthen your bird's mind and coordination.

    Rings Of Fortune-Nature's Instinct Birdy Einstein dimensions: 6" length x 3" width (Recommended for medium sized birds)



    Turn N Learn Logs-Nature's Instinct

    Simply hide treats inside of Turn N Learn Logs-Nature's Instinct. Then have fun watching your bird figure out how to dismantle the log to find the hidden treasure. This challenging foraging toy will strengthen your bird's mind and coordination and keep them busy for hours.

    Turn N Learn Logs-Nature's Instinct dimensions
    : 6" length x 2.5" width (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)
  • G-PT-NI24268
    Snack Rack Puzzle-Nature's Instinct

    This fun Snack Rack Puzzle-Nature's Instinct foraging toy will challenge your bird. Fill it with small treats and watch your bird try and figure out how to release the treat.

    Snack Rack Puzzle-Nature's Instinct dimensions: 5.75" length x 4" width (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)
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