Keeping your exotic bird's cage clean.

What to put at the bottom of my bird's cage?  What will help to keep my bird cage clean? That is a frequently asked question and the answer is pretty straight forward. -- First, birds can be messy and the combination of dropped food, water, and bird droppings at the bottom of the cage is a rich environment for bacteria, mold, etc. And so, it is important to keep the cage bottom clean. Also, a clean cage bottom allows you to monitor your bird's droppings, as they are one barometer of a bird's health.

As far as bedding materials, never use corn cob, walnut shells, cedar shavings, pine shavings, or kitty litter. Each of these are dangerous to birds for multiple reasons.

The bedding we sell is safe for all birds. They are all paper product based. You can shop with confidence with any of our beddings.  Remember:  keep your bird's cage clean at all times.

  • W-UBER41436
    Uber 36 Liter Bedding - White

    Uber soft paper bedding is the ultimate lightweight, dust free bedding for birds. This bedding controls odors, cozy, and can create the perfect nesting material. 36 Liters of usable volume

    MY BIRD STORE DOES NOT SELL CORN COB BEDDING Corn Cob bedding has been known to promote the growth of harmful mold which can cause aspergilllosis in birds. We recommend Carefresh Bedding. CLICK PICTURE FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON ASPERGILOSIS.
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