A great shredding and foraging toy for your feathered companion!
Provide hours of fun for your bird - great for Parrotlets to Macaws! great deal of chewable fun comes with these adorable pinata bird toys. Birds need to chew ... it's an essential part of their good health! So why not fulfill their natural instinct to chew with a brightly colored pinata they can dig into to find nutritious treats. Searching through this toy helps to meet their natural need to forage for food, too. Select either healthy treat filled styles, or unfilled styles so you can add your bird's favorites. Birds Love these toys!
  • PW00224
    Razzle Dazzle-Fetch It Pet Polly Wanna

     Lots of bright colors and woven material to entertain and delight your smaller birds. Can be a toy or perch swing. Sure to razzle dazzle your Feathered Friend! All natural materials

    Razzle Dazzle-Fetch It Pet Polly Wanna dimensions
    : 14" length x 8" width (Recommended for small sized birds)
  • PW00231
    Block Party-Fetch It Pet Polly Wanna

    This is a bright colorful bird toy, bird swing and bird ladder all in one. There is a different color on each side of the crunchy wooden bird swing to keep birds intrigued. Your bird will love to climb through, swing on and play with all of the natural materials such as colorful wicker rings and beautiful wooden stars that dangle from this toy. 

    Block Party-Fetch It Pet Polly Wanna dimensions: 15.5" length x 7" width (Recommended for medium to large sized birds)

  • PW00206
    Pinata Birdie Friend-Fetch It Pet Polly Wanna

    Lots of things to chew, this toy features a large vine ring with a very cute fillable birdie pinata in the center. A vine ball sits at the top with a stack of popsicle sticks and shreddable paper. More popsicle sticks and wooden balls are knotted on the large vine ring. Fill the pinata with your bird's favorite treat for a special surprise!

    Pinata Birdie Friend-Fetch It Pet Polly Wanna dimensions: 9.5" length x 6" width (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)

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