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Critter Color - Make You Own

Critter Color concentrate is used for dyeing bird toy parts and other animal toy parts. This color concentrate can be used to color a wide variety of items such as sisal, wood, cotton rope and vine parts. Suggested Mix Ratio: Use 1oz color concentrate to 8oz of water.
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Helena Yellow($13.99)
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Mixing the Colors:
  • First, wear rubber gloves of some sort so you do not stain your hands and protect your working area! Add 1 ounce of colorant per 8 ounces of water.  Different woods absorb the colorant differently depending on the density of the wood.  Soft pine is going to absorb quicker than a harder wood. You can also presoak your wood in clear water first for about 5 minutes, this will help the color to absorb into the wood more evenly and quicker. Also, another tip is that wood wants to float up to the top of the water, so you will either need to keep stirring it frequently or have something to keep it submersed under the water. 
  • When colorant is mixed into water can start to mold quickly after a day or two especially on hotter days, so it is advisable to have all your woods ready to color so you can do it in a timely manner.  It can keep up to 3 and sometimes 4 days if kept in a cooler area.
  • Dry your wood well before putting it in a tub or box as it can mold if it is damp. Let it sit exposed to air circulation before boxing it up to put away for at least 24 hours or so and if in humid areas, allow more time if needed.  It would be best to have some sort of venting if stored in plastic tubs.
  • When you are finished coloring your wood, dispose of the colorant and wash out your containers and dry and use for next time!
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