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Med Bird Bundle-Custom


Take the worry out of your monthly food order and save money by ordering a custom bundle. Each month, your you will give your bird a magnificent menu of premium food, plus a toy of the month. Pick from several options to cater to your bird's likes!

Custom Extra Value Food Bundle For Medium Birds is recommended for medium birds including Greys, Eclectus, Small Cockatoos, Mini Macaws, and similarly sized birds.

Base Blend 15lbs -

Choose from our splendid ultimate blends to fit your birds needs.

Cookable/ Soakable Foods -

Choose from our World's Best Cookable Or Soak & Serve foods.  Cookables Must Be Cooked

Fruit & Nut Blends -

Choose your bird's favorite from World's Best and Higgins Fruit & Nut Blends

Fruit -

Choose from a variety of fruits to fit your birds tastes.

Nut Blend -

Choose your bird's favorite from a variety of Higgins and World's Best Nut Blends

Base Price: $115.33
Selected Options: $0.00
Total Price: $115.33
Availability: In Stock

In order to maintain the freshness of our bulk foods, upon arrival, please transfer food to a sealed, rigid container. It is recommended to store at room temperature what your bird(s) will consume in approximately 10-14 days. The remainder should be stored in the refrigerator. We do not recommend freezing as a method of storage due to the formation of ice crystals, which will melt and cause mold.

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