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13oz Tuscan Dream

SKU: C-HIG32201

Higgins Worldly Cuisines gourmet cooked bird food will provide the variety your bird craves. Not only will your bird appreciate fresh food bursting with flavor and natural wholesome goodness, they'll delight in the great foraging experience as well. explore and experience the exotic tastes from around the world. Worldly Cuisines are made with all-natural human edible ingredients and contain no additives.

Higgins Worldly Cuisine Tuscan Dream has the rich taste of tomatoes, celery, onions, carrots, chopped almonds, spinach cooked in a flavorful vegetable broth inspired by the Tuscan diet.

Use this diet as an addition to any bird's daily diet to bring them added variety. They cook up easily on your stove top and are made in the USA.

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