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Busy Birdie - Super Bird Toy Creations

SKU: E-SB543
Super bird's busy birdie bird toy offers a carnival of color and fun all surrounding a comfortable place to perch. Tempting textures invite your bird to play the day away, even the plate itself is infinitely chewable and there are a ton of textures ( leather, wood, crunchy vines, palm, wood, and more). Mount onto the side or top of cage with perch at bottom or top - your bird will think it's a different toy each time you offer it. Mounting hardware included.

Busy Birdie-Super Bird Toy Creations measures: approximately 9.5" diameter x 6" long perch with a 5/8" perch diameter. (Recommended for Cockatiels, small Conures, Parakeets, and similarly sized birds.)
$23.07 / Each
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