Specializing in Small and Medium Size Interactive Bird Toys
At Molly’s Bird Toys we make and sell fun and affordable bird toys that are loved by even the most discriminating birds. We take pride in our ability to make bird toys that are both unique and high in quality. In fact, all of our bird toys are handcrafted with tender love and care. Molly’s Bird Toys is a small family run business that is located in sunny Southern California. Our very first customer was, of course, Molly. Molly loved the toys we made for him (yes-him) so much that we began making toys for his neighborhood friends. Since then, Molly’s Bird Toys have been so well received that they are now sold in bird stores across the country. So if you have a bird that you want to spoil, please give our bird toys a try. We guarantee your baby will love you for it. Some of our satisfied customers include African Greys, Amazons, Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Finches, Hawkheadeds, Kakarikis, Lories, Lovebirds, Macaws, Parakeets, Parrotlets, Pionus, and Poicephalus.

  • AA-MOLLY41343
    Knit Knacks-Molly's Bird Toys

    Colorful, braided raffia pieces are wrapped in natural fiber, then strung with bright star shaped beads. There's plenty of preening time to be had with this toy, as well as manipulation using the many beads that cover it.

    Knit Knacks-Molly's Bird Toys dimensions: 9" length x 11" width (Recommended for small to medium sized birds)

  • AA-MOLLY49551
    Triple Treat - Molly's Bird Toys

    Molly's bird toys Ttiple Treat has plastic beads, woven pouches, wood pieces that your bird will love to pull apart and play with.

    Triple Treat - Molly's Bird Toys dimensions
    : 7" length x 4" width (Recommended for cockatiels, parrotlets, conures, and similar sized birds)
  • AA-MOLLY41293
    Funny Face-Molly's Bird Toys

    Little woven fans for a head, buttons for eyes and cute little colored beads complete this double sided "funny face" - raffia strips for hair and twisted natural fibers tipped with beads make for some preening and chewing fun!

    Funny Face-Molly's Bird Toys dimensions
    : 11" length x 9" width (Recommended for small sized birds)

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