Meet the Avitech “family” of high quality nutritional supplements for birds. Avitech nutritional supplements address a wide spectrum of needs from feather conditioning to general nutritional supplementation and aids to prevent feather picking. All of their products are bottled in their own plant to assure cleanliness and quality control. Avitech facility is the only FDA inspected facility dedicated solely to bird care products. 

    2oz Cal-D-Solve - Avitech

    Avitech Cal-D-Solve is a calcium bird supplement for birds with calcium deficiencies or for chronic egg laying birds producing soft shell eggs. The calcium/magnesium supplement has added vitamin D3 and contains no color, flavoring, or preservatives. Sprinkle Cal-D-Solve lightly over fruit, vegetables, greens and/or seed or add to drinking water.
    Note: Do not add Cal-D-Solve to hand feeding formula for baby birds

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