Welcome to the holistic world of nature captured in this exclusive line of Herbal Bird Rx herbal extracts. These products provide safe, bird specific, and alcohol free herbal extract alternatives to allow you to optimize your birdís health.  And because theyíre so palatable they can be served directly into the mouth, mixed into food or added to drinking water. 

Completely alcohol-free, our proprietary process meets or exceeds the herbal potency of alcohol-based herbal extraction processes when tested by independent laboratories.  Therefore, every drop of healing herbal essence is extracted for your birdís health and well being while at the same time is safe and 100% alcohol free.

Bird Safe / 100% Alcohol Free / Avian specific / Great Tasting / 100% Vegan / Green Mfg. /Cruelty-free Testing / Organic and Sustainable (where possible).

Manufactured in FDA approved facility


    2oz Immune Booster Extract

    Immune Booster Herbal Extract is a bird immune system stimulant. It builds a resistance to many illnesses, and strengthens your bird's general immune responses. It can be given when exposure to other birds is expected (such as boarding, vet visits, pet shows) and is not to be used long term. Put drops in drinking water or put directly into bird's mouth.

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