A fabulous line of toys and foot toys geared toward the little tikes!

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  • SZ150T
    XS & XL Traditional Snugglie-Scooter Z

    A cozy sleeping tent with premium anti-pill fleece for both the shell and liner. It has soft sides with a durable plastic insert at bottom and includes two 2.5mm 100% stainless steel quick links for easy attaching. The snugglie is machine washable, colors and prints will vary.

    Traditional Snugglie-Scooter Z is available in the following sizes:
    X-Small: opening is 3.5" wide x 3" high -- 4.25 " deep -- overall height is 4.50 "
    X-Large: opening is 9" wide x 10 " high -- 13 " deep -- overall height is 12"
  • B-SZ159
    Lg Convertible Snugglie-Scooter Z

    A cozy sleeping tent that can be converted into a swing or hammock. It is made with high quality 100% printed cotton that is lined with a premium anti-pill fleece. There are durable, plastic inserts inside of the bottom and 2 side panels. Includes two 2.5mm 100% stainless steel quick links, colors and prints may vary.

    Large: opening is 7 " wide x 7.50 " high -- 10 " deep -- overall height is 9"
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