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Avitech AviPollen 8 oz.

SKU: C-AVI01075

Birds love the taste and aroma of bee pollen and Avitech AviPollen is a natural way to feed your bird the pollen. Pollen collected from flowers by bees is a natural storehouse of easily absorbed nutrition and can provide important support for birds who feather pick due to health issues. In addition to highly digestible protein, every known vitamin has been identified in bee pollen as well as 18 amino acids, 12 minerals and a huge assortment of active enzymes, fatty acids and carbohydrates. AviPollen also contains several important hormones that encourage growth and help to build a strong immune system. Sprinkle on wet or dry food or mix into egg food, AviPollen can also be offered in a separate treat cup.

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In studies of parrots, Omega 3 fatty acids were associated with a reduced incidence of atheriosclerosis. In another interesting study, the hatchlings of parents fed flax oil were found to have higher levels of antibody production.

Only premium Northern-grown flax seed is used for AviFlax. Flax seed is not usable whole and must be ground to release beneficial fatty acids. While flax oil contains Omega fatty acids, whole milled seed is better for birds as it provides the fiber, antioxidants, lignans and proteins missing from oil in an easy to feed form.

AviFlax can be sprinkled on dry or moist food or mixed into egg food. AviFlax can also be baked into "birdie bread recipies.


  • Premium Northern flax seed
  • 100% Natural, non-GMO
  • Human Grade
  • Stabilized



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